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Proudly SA Rugs- on Order

South African Made Rugs and Runners

We have just received our first samples of these Extra-Ordinary PROUDLY South African Rugs. 
All come standard with non-slip (rubber and slip dots).
Made from 100% Polyester. 
They are UV and Mildew Resistant and ideal for high traffic areas. 
These Flat weaves are insulating, non-slip and not enticing to pets (read cats  ), besides being very well-priced.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Although they are made from polyester, they feel sold like Chenille..
Sizes are as indicated, but but be custom-made, although we would need to quote on these.

For those on a Budget!
Price Includes Delivery to your Doorstep

Chess Triangles Rug
1.4m  x 2 m
R 2900, including delivery

Ndebele Rug
2.4m x 1.45m
R 3900, including delivery

Rainbow Nation Rug 
2m x 1.4m
R 3300, including delivery

Ndebele Runner

3m x 0.7m
R2500, including delivery

 African Doges Turquoise Runner

3m x 0.7m
R2500, including delivery

Chess Triangles Runner

3m x 0.7m- R 2300, 
including delivery. 

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