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Furniture & others

 Drop Side Table
R 2900

 Mid-Century Chair
R 2800
Sapele (sanded and sealed- re-upholstered)

 Pair of Morris Chairs
R 3500 each
Sold as a pair

 Pair if Imbuia Arm Chairs
Sanded, sealed
New foam
Riempies ot be re-strung
Incl. 2 down and feather inners, with Hertex magical covers
R 3700 each, sold as a pair

 Art Deco Suite-
Revamped and Sold

 Wing Back Pair- Re-upholsered
R 3900 each

Four Arm Chairs
Sanded and Sealed
Upholstered in B & D and U & G Fabrics
Lovely and comfy
R 2500 each

 Two wingbacks
Our of the ordinary
Will look amazing with varnish stripped and new upholstery
R 1900 each as is
Sold as a pair

 Pair of Very detailed Hand Carved Chairs
R 2100 each as is
Sold as a pair

 Solid Teak Arm Chair
Fully re-upholtered in leather and Hertex Magical Velvet-look
R 3600
You have to experience the comfort of this statement chair

 Single Oak Arm Chair
R 750
 Single Oak Captains Chair
R 750
 Art Deco Suite

 Revamped Mid-Centuy Chair
R 2 700

 Mid-Century Chair
Revamp almost complete

 Single Mid-Century Office Chair

 60ies Wooden Play Pen
R 750 as is

 60ies Baby Feeeding chair
R 950
 Chairs upholstered for La Parada

 Space Saver Regency Table
Folds away with ease
R 2300

 Mid-Century Chair
R 2800

 Solid Eucalyptus Morris Chairs
Sanded and Sealed
New foam all around
U & G Patio Fabric added
R3800 each
Sold as a pair

 Imbuia Arm Chair pair
Fully revamped
Sanded, sealed
New foam, removable teal coloured seat covers
Includes 2 x Down and Feather scatters, with removable covers in Hertex Magical
R 3800 each
Sold as a pair
Couch is still in progress
New leather riempies still to be added.

 Wingback Originals
Upholstered in black and white Paisley
to work with all colour schemes
R 3800 each
Sold as a pair

L-Shaped Corder Benches 
Upholstered in Vinyl
Each R 3500

 12 Re-upholstered Chrome Leg Chairs
R 890 each

 Stinkwood desk/ Dressing table
Revamp almost complete
R 4500

 Oak Headboard
136.5cm long x 108.5 high
R 1900

Pair of Teak Arm Chairs
R980 each
Sold as a pair

 Oak Headboard- to be wall mounted
136.5cm long x 60cm high
R 1500

 Solid Teak top desk
R 3500, includes sanding the rest 
Large Habedashery Glass and Wood Unit
R 16 750 

 Mid-Century Table
Seats 6
89 x 152 x 76 high
R 3200

 Mid-Century 8 Seater Table
Solid Sapele Legs
To be sealed and  surround strip to be added

 Large Executive desk
Revamp almost complete
 Measures: 151 x 80 x 75 high. Opening: 49 x 66cm high
R4500 once done

Ornate 3 door Wardrobe
Almost complete
R 4200

Persian Rug
 188 x 126

 Two Marittie De Villiers Paintings
On Yellow wood
R 500 each

Bokhara Persian Runner
80 x 294cm

 Antique Soap Cupboard
R 2300

 Imbuia Three Seater
R 3400 

 Gorgeous Carved Wood Imbuia Three Seater
R 4200

 Glass and Chrome Shelving Unit
R 890

 Arm Chair Pair
R 1900 each

 Halfmoon Couch
R 4200

Old Oak Mantle piece
R 1900
 Pair of Wingback Arm Chairs
Sold as a set
R 2500 each

 Rustic Oregan Coffee Table
R 980

 Mid-Century chair

R 2600 (one available)

 Bustle Back Chair
Upholstered in Hertex
R 1500

Mid-Century Frystarke Server Unit
Revamp almost complete
Finushing in metallic bronze
with some soldi wood detail
R 4200 once done
 Large Pigeonhole unit
R 2950

 Ornate Dressing Table

 Mid-Century Cabinet
4 drawers and more space
R 1900

 Large Coffee Table
Oregon and Steel
195 x 75 x 43cm high
R  3 900

 Kidney Occasional Table
R 890

 Re-upholstered Couch
Difficult to guess, but from the weight, we estimate it dates from around 1960.
R 4900

Single Arm Chair
Chrome and Leather
Leather is in decent condition
R 2900
 Mid-Century Chest of Drawers
R 2900

 Boutique Couch
R 3900

 Percival Lafer-look Three Seater Couch
Huge Potential
R 4900 as is

 Pair of Percival Lafer-look Arm Chairs
Sold as a pair and as is
R 2400 each

 Unusual and gorgeous Mid-Century Corner Couch suite for sale. It consists of a two seater, three seater and corner table. 
All wood sanded and sealed and the table/ console painted in black. 
Upholstered in Honduras from U & G, with piping in Hertex Magical. R16 500 for the 3 piece. 
Single chairs is excluded.

Please mail us your details, if you would like to view. 
Viewing to be arranged with client. 
Lounge suite is not at our shop.

Carpet is a soft Hertex Chenille that retails at R 7200- 200 x 300. 
Our price is R 5900.
Carpet can be view in store.

 Carved Wood Console/ Table
77cm high x 62 x 51cm
Top sanded after pic: to be re-varnished

 Sleeper Couch
R 4900

Pilot Radiogram 
169cm x 91cm high x 45 cm deep
Veneer is not perfect in places, but a gorgeous piece, regardless. 
R 2 900
Brass feet and Copper Handles  

Paco Wool Rug
Approx 1.8m x 2,4m
R 4 500

Large Desk
R 2900

Six Barstools
R 980 each

Eucalyptus Table
R 1700
Legs to be sanded and top painted

Danish Server

Himalayan Ceder and Steel Coffee Table
R 5 500

King Size Headboard
195cm x 87cm

 Teak Bookshelf/ Display/ Drinks Cabinet
R 2550

 Boutique Couch
Upholstered in Vinyl and Hertex Flynn

 Rocking Chair
R 1600

60ies Seater Table
4 seater
120 x 83 x 76.5 cm high

Mid-Century TV/ Bookshelf Unit
103 x 63 c 39cm deep
R 3200

Art Deco Server
122 x 48 x 92cm high, plus backing of 12 cm
R 2800

Mid-Century Headboard & Pedestals
R 1950

Morris Chair
Dating from late 1950ies
R 3200

What not, with Porcelain inlay detail
R 1500
77,5cm high (add 4cm for the turn detail) x 36cm diameter

Antique Bookshelf Unit
103cm x 39cm deep x 63cm w
R 2300

1960ies Originals
Pair of iron patio chairs
R 1900 each
Sold as a pair

Couch - R2900 
126cm long, Back height 80cm, seat depth 52cm

50ies Iron & Melamine Kitchen Unit
Chrome Handles
151 x 51.7cm deep x 86cm h
R 3200

Mid-Century Chest of Drawers
Mostly Veneer
Measures to folow
R 1950
3 tier mirros- not perfect, but that is the charm
Measures: 91.5cm x 45cm x 70cm high, 
Mirror Height- 163cm

Mid-Century Dressing Table
R 1950
Has a small bump on top
148cm x 46cm 
Mirror Height is 175cm

 Pair of Imbuia Arm Chairs
R2800 each

 Pair of Mid-Century Arm Chairs
R 2200 each

 Four Chrome Base Chairs
R 1900 each x 3
4th has small upholstery issue, so no charge
4 for the price of 3

 Single Mid-Century Arm Chair
R 750
 Single Teak Arm Chair
R 1650
Upholstered in Hertex Patio Fabric

 Single Arm Chair
Upholstered in Hertex
R 890 

 Large Himalayan Cedar and Steel Coffee Table- 
R5 500
125 x 90 x 45cm high

Rose Gold Trolley
R 1950

Vintage Mirror- with Bevel- 
94 x 70cm- 
R 2200

Vintage Original- gorgeous oval mirror- 62.5 x 42cm- R 1100
Vintage Bokhara Persian- 167 x 94. Handmade, 100% Wool on Cotton Backing. It is not perfect, but more beautiful as a result of the wear and tear- R 1200

Vintage Persian- 155 x 92cm. Has wear and tear that adds to its appeal- R 800. Handmade, wool on cotton backing.

Carved Wooden Frame- ideal for fitting a mirror. Would be glorious in a bathroom with a difference- 103 x 83cm- R 950

Vintage Bokhara Persian Rug
200 x 131cm
Has Wear and Tear, so not perfect, but totally gorgeous!
100% wool on cotton backing- hand woven.

 Solid Imbuia 6 Seater Dining Table
153 x 100 x 77cm high
All the old varnish removed and sealed to reveal
 the natural beauty of the wood.

Large Imbuia Desk/ Dressing Table
R 3800

 Mid-Century Look table
R 2200
Mid-Century Bench
R 1800
Office Chair
R 750

Pair of Pedestals
R 1900 each

Imbuia and Yellow Wood mirror with drawer

Large Heart Scatters
Made In-store
R 290 each

 Three Dining Chairs
Upholstered in U & G
R 690 each

 Mid-Century Kist
Loads of Storage
Separate bottom drawer
R 1200 as is

 Pair of Teak Arm Chairs
Upholstered in Hertex Patio Fabric
R 3900 each

 Wooden Frame- ideal for use as mirror 
84cm wide x 104cm high
 Wooden frame mirror (mirror has small scratch) -
106cm high x 71 cm

Imbuia and Glass Occasional Table- 58cm high x 30cm diameter- R 800

Mid-Century Bed Set
Included:  Headboards. Measures: 191cm long x 92cm wide x 53c, (floor to top of mattress). 
Price: R 2500 each and we are selling as a pair only. 

Slider box, obviously on wheels  for additional storage under bed- R 490.

Oregan Kist- R 2300. 
Measures: 115cm x 41.5 w x 42cm high.

Mahogany inlay occasional table- 76cm high x 51 x 40cm- 
with protective glass top- R 780

Full Package- Basin stand, Tap, Marble Top, Basin, and back light mirror- some issues,but price as is is R 3500. Photos show most of the issues, but please come view. Measures of Vanity: 80 x 58, basin is 44 x 32cm.

Imbuia Wardrobe- R3900. 
Measures are 108 x 190 x 58cm

Pair of tall Iron Side Table Lamp Stands

Kitchen Chairs
R 450 each
Melamine Kitchen table top
R 1200

Old Maturing Kist
R 2800

Wine Rack, Bookshelf Combo
R 1800

Feeding Chair
R 1500

Large Ornate Carved Wood Coffee Table
Undergoing revamp
R 2500 once complete

Meranti Bookcase
Revamp almost complete

Chairs x 6
R 700 each

Large, Heavy bevel mirrror
R 3900

Imbuia and Yellow Wood Mirror Unit
Towel Rack
R 1200

Glass Display
R 700
Sleeper Couch
225cm x 76cm deep x 87 high
R 5 900

 2 Pairs of Iron Wall Scones
R 650/ pair

 Four Imbuia Dining Chairs
R 790 each
a 5th available, 

Small Two Seater Couch
Lovely and Sturdy

 Deconstructed Wrought Iron Lamp
R 890

Large Coffee Table
140cm x 80cm
R 1600

 Two Dining/ Kitchen Chairs
Upholstered in a U & G Stripe
R 850 each

Oak Day Bed
R 4900
Upholstery in good condition
Versatile Hertex outdoor Fabric

 Mid-Century 6 Seater Table
Fully revamped
R 3500
Measures: 152cm x 90 x 77cm high
6 Dining Chairs
Revamped and upholstered in U & G fabric
R 890 each x 6

Large double tier Coffee table on wheels.
 Heavy, well-made, but easy to manoeuvre. 
Measures: 120w x 70d x 62cm high

Mid-Century Bookcase and Display Unit- ideal for use as a TV/ Radio Stand-
 R 2500; 175w x 44cm deep x 73 high

Mid-Century Chairs x 6
R890 each

Bamboo Magazine Rack
R 350

Versameling van FA Venterwerke

Ornate Coffee Table
waiting on revamp

Standing lamp with Shade
Marble Base
R 950

Large Tapestry
R 890
155 x 55

Ornate Headboard with attached pedestals
240cm wide
Opening between pedestals is 140cm- fits a double

Glass Front Bookshelf Unit
Undergoing re-vamp
117cm w x 117 h x 39 deep

 Bookshelf- sturdy veneer unit. Can accommodate sliding glass doors (not included)- R1900- 123cm wide x 131cm high x 51 deep

 Metal bookshelf with glass sliding panels- R1900- 123cm w x 40 cm deep x 107 cm high

 Imbuia Queen Anne Single
R 2800

 Solid Oak Hall Stand
R 2900

Brass and Glass Occasional Table

 Single Arm Chair
R 890

 Pair of Teak Arm Chairs
Fully revamped
Re-upholstered with metallic-look fabric
R 980 each, sold as a pair

 Cast Iron Trolley
Lovely Art Deco Lines
R 900

 Two Gorgeous Pedestals
R1900 each- sold as a pair
Veneer inlay- solid wood legs
Single Drawers
65 w x 50 d x 55h

Framed Print
61 x 59cm
R 400

King Size Headboard
Upholstered in a St Leger and Viney fabric
R 2900 

 Imbuia Display Unit
R 2900

Re-upholstered original 1950ies Couch- 
179cm long x 100cm deep-

Encyclopaedia Britannica 
Full Set- 23 Books plus Index book
R 1900

Volledige Stel Kinder-Ensiklopedie
1962 uitgawe

 Solid Wood Frames
R 400 & R 450 each

 Metal Trolley
R 690

 Pair of Rattan Back Chairs
Rattan on back of one needs replacing
R 490 each

 Printer's tray, with collectables
Priced from R20 each

 Large Trolley/ Server
R 1600

Art Deco Light

Single Mahogany Chair
R 790

Victoria Gas Fire Place and Surround
Cast Iron and Wood

 Super Comfy Arm Chair
Newly upholstered
Queen Anne Legs
R 1900 

 Mid-Century Kidney Shaped Occasional Table
Sanded and Sealed- R 890
Three Tempered Glass and Brushed Stainless Steel Occasional Tables
R 1190 each

Two Stinkwood Chairs left
Brass Vinyl
R 890 each
Sold as a set

Selection of mirrors
Starting from 350/ pair

Chrome Mid-Century Chairs
R 590 each x 2

 Little Cast Iron Shelve
R 450
 Standing Mirror
Iron Surround
R 890

Bathroom Cabinet
R 450 

 One pair of Cast Iron Wall Scones/ lights left
R 650 per pair

Retro Dressing Table
R 3200

Mid-Century Headboard and Pedestals
R 2900

Wooden Mural
R 2400

Kiddies Desk- Activity Table
Drawers on both sides
Blackboard Paint on top

60ies Feeding chair
R 950

Re-painted Mexican 6 Seater Dining Table
R2 900

Hand-knotted Persian
Aprox. 1.3 x 185
100% Wool on Cotton Backing
Has wear and tear that cannot capture on photo

 Single Kitchen Chair

Art Deco Glass Vase

Bushman Painting

 Two Hand Made Velt Scatters
R350 each

 Retro Carry Cot

Retro Light

Brand New Corner Unit
Imbuia top ad drawer
Built for us
1m high

Variety of Frames for sale