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Hertex Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Hertex Outdoor Rugs

All Hertex Carpets are available on Order
Please email me at for our prices.

Easy to clean and UV protected Rugs to prevent colour fading. 
Designed for the outdoors/ balconies, 
but can be used inside to great, affordable effect.


Is Included anywhere in SA, at no additional cost

Interlink Rug

200 x 290

Available in Sun-Kissed and Dim (below)

Criss Cross Rug
100% Polypropylene outdoor rug

160 x 230
200 x 290

Criss Cross- Coin

 Criss Cross Jet

Time Out Rugs

Playful aesthetic reminiscent of a cardboard ocean.
 Perfect for beach house d├ęcor and indoor-outdoor living.

200 x 290

Columns - Salour

Dimensions - Port (above)

Elementary - Marine (above)

Mason Rugs

New collection of outdoor rugs featuring small-scale geometric patterns in three simple yet distinct colourways: Aqua Bove, light and natural Sea Sand and a classic dark Seal – a delicate look with durable materials. 

100% Polypropylene- Hose off with clean water only. Leave to dry.
No chemicals.

160 x 230
240 x 330

Mason- Sea Sand 

Mason- Seal

Parallel Domino Rug
200 x 290

 New Hertex Inside Out rugs- Delicious Rug Range.

Available in Colourways: Paradise and Forest

 Retail Prices are: 160 x 230
and 240 x 340




Colours: Evergreen (above), Spade (Black) and Stone (see below)

160 x 230

200 x 290

Botany Rug in Stone

Botany Rug in Spade


Colours: Surf (above and 1st below), Oyster and Cosmic (black)

200 x 290

Tetris Rug in Oyster


Colours: Surf (above), Oyster (below) and Cosmic (Black)

200 x 290cm


Colours: Bedrock

100 Polypropylene

200 x 290


Colours: Cobbles

100 Polypropylene

200 x 290

 Colour Shale


Colours: Shale (above), Raven and Gravel (bottom)

100 Polypropylene

200 x 290

 Esplanade- Raven

Esplanade- Gravel


Colours: Oatmeal (above and below), Aqua, Bushveld, Fern and Fossil

100 Polypropylene

200 x 290
240 x 330

Hamilton Rug in Busveld


Colours: Ash, Coal, Grass and Pool

100 Polypropylene (but feels like Wool)

160 x 230
200 x 300

Parlour to Patio Rug in Grass

Parlour to Patio Rug in Ash

Parlour to Patio Rug in Coal

Parlour to Patio Rug in Pool

Plantation Rugs

74% Polypropylene, 26% Polyester

Care instructions:
Clean with pure water


160 x 230

240 x 330

Zores- Tropical 

Zores- Jungle


Colours: Cobbles

100% Polypropylene

160 x 230
200 x 290
280 x 400

Also available in this range:

Birch in Gravel 

Birch- in Magnet
Hexile- in Desert

Jagged- In Platinum 

Jagged- in Sand

Basket Rug

Available in Mineral (darker)  and Silver (Lighter)

200 x 290

280 x 400

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