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Hertex Carpet Range

The Hertex Carpet Range

All Hertex Carpets are available on Order, for less than Retail Prices.
Email us at for our prices.

Also mail us if you don't see your rug on here.

 Included anywhere in SA, at no additional cost

 Delicious Rugs
Colours: Forest (above) and Paradise (below)

160 x 230
240 x 330

Suitable for undercover patio use,
 designed on-par the bold botanical and tropical plant-life trends.

74% Polypropylene 26% Polyester 

New Foilage Rug
Colour Mint

Reminiscent of a dry brush painting of tropical palm leaves, this leafy velvet rug can be used to add layers of depth and create an illusion of space. 
66% Viscose; 25% Cotton; 9% Polyester

170 x 240
200 x 330

Tulip Rug
Colour: Blossom

53% Acrylic; 27% Cotton; 20% Polyester

155 x 230
240 x 330

 Well Priced and New
Criss Cross Rugs

100% Polypropylene Outdoor/Indoor rug 

Two Colours: Coin (Above) and Jet (Below)

160 x 230
200 x 290

Email us at for our prices,
guaranteed to be less than you would pay anywhere else,
delivery across SA included.

New Trazo Rugs

Spanish for "stroke"
 Trazo’s design incorporates vigorous brushstrokes 
on a backdrop with a velvet look and feel. 

66% Viscose; 25% Cotton; 9% Polyester

170 x 240
200 x 300

Trazo- Storm

Trazo- After Dark

Trazo- Midnight

Ottoman Rug
Colour: Stone (above)

160 x 230

New Gracious Rug Range
Adela - Emerald (above)

Soft, printed chenille - the perfect alternative to a vintage overdyed rug.
53% Acrylic, 27% Cotton, 20% Polyester

200 x 290
300 x 400

Isla - Obsidian (above)

 Isla - Peridot (above)

Isla - Sapphire (above)

Zarah - Rose (above)

New Hertex Sands of Time Range
Well priced rugs

Datsan - Nile (above)

100% Polyester

255 x 355

Datsan - Spice (above)

Datsan - Storm (above)

Sheik - Herb (above)

Tamina - Tumeric (above)

NEW Relic Rugs

Colours: Carbon (above) and Watercolour (below)

200 x 300

95% Cotton;
5% Polyester

New Diversity Rug Range
Above and Below

Twister- In Sandstorm

100% Wool

200 x 300
300 x 400

Twister- in Spruce

100% Wool

200 x 300
300 x 400

Boston- In Blue Nights

55% Wool, 45% Viscose

80 x 350
200 x 300
300 x 400

Cloudburts- In Storm

100% Viscose

200 x 300

300 x 400

Gravity- In Teal

100% Cotton

200 x 300

Harris- in Monument

55% Wool, 45% Viscose

80 x 230
200 x 300

300 x 400

Hurricane- In Sky

100% Viscose

200 x 300
300 x 400

Canvas Rug
 Colour:  Moonlight

155 x 230

240 x 330

Artefact- in Wistful

Keepsake- in Blush

Yore-  in Brass

New Hertex SHERPA Rug Range:

 Available in 3 Colourways: Cloud, Froth and Fog. 

Retail Prices are: 160 x 230
 240 x 340

Sherpa in Froth

Sherpa in Cloud

Sherpa in Fog

New Hertex Inside Out rugs- Delicious Rug Range

 Available in Colourways: Paradise and Forest. 
Sizes and Retail Prices are: 160 x 230 and 240 x 340 
Email us at for our discounted prices.

Free Delivery anywhere in SA.

Delicious in Paradise

Delicious in Forest

 COCO JUTE Rug Range

 Available in 4 Colourways: Wedgewood, Terracotta, Nimbus and Blue Bird.
 Great value for money and 100% Jute. 

 200 x 300

300 x 400

Coco Jute in Wedgewood

Coco Jute in Terracotta

Coco Jute in Nimbus

Coco Jute in Blue Bird

Belle Cerise Rug

From the Still Life range

200 x 290

Pascal Midnight 
200 x 290

Windsor Rug
Available in Royal and Stellar

160 x 230
240 x 340

Paradiso Rug
Colour Parrot

160 x 230
200 x 290

Hertex Duchess Rug

Available in 155 x 230 
240 x 330 

Available Colours are Amber, Pearl, Rose and Porcelain



Duchess in Amber 

Duchess in Porcelain

Duchess in Rose

Duchess in Pearl

Hertex Chateau Rugs

Available in 200 x 300
300 x 400 

Available Colours: From top to bottom-
Kale, Diesel, Lago, Ozone, Plaster and Shale

Larger rug is the Faded Grandeur in Pepper


Available in Colours: Thunder (Above and below) and Blue Storm

160 x 230
240 x 340

Cyclone in Colour Blue Storm

Colour Overcast

100% Cotton Chenille

160 x 240
200 x 290


240 x 330cm

Available in Grey and Delft


Colour Contempo

100% Viscose

200 x 300 cm


Available in Colours Chrome, Quartz (above and below) and Onyx

100% Polypropylene

200 X 290 cm


Acrylic, Cotton, Polyester

Available in Bone (above and below), Storm and Jet

155 X 230 cm
240 x 330 cm

Diagonal in Storm 

Diagonal in Storm 


Acrylic, Cotton, Polyester

Available in Pearl (above and below), Rose, Amber, Storm and Jet

155 X 230 cm
240 x 330 cm

 Duchess Rug
In Rose

Duchess Rug
In Porcelain

Ornate Rugs

Big, bold prints and moody hues. 
Four designs available
100% viscose and are available in two sizes. 

160 x 230
240 x 340

Brushstrokes Rug

100% Viscose

Available in Gold Spec

160 X 230 cm- Retails at R 4 500
240 x 330 cm- Retails at R 8 800

Chiseled- Overcast

Impasto- Taupe

Theatrical- Chestnut

Theatrical- Royal

Marble Rug

Available in Colours Ivory (above)  and Stone

100% Polyprop

240 x 340

Temara Rug

Colours: Obsidian, Alabaster and Pumice

200 x 290

Temara in Alabaster



Ablaze Rug
Overdyed Rugs


240 x 330

Ablaze in Charcoal

Luminous Rug 

Available in Colours Glow (above) and Shimmer

80% Viscose, 20% Cotton

240 x 330


Inspired by the traditional rug designs of Turkey.
Four differing designs in both spicy and neutral hues. 
Available in two designs
Made from a super-soft cotton chenille.

Above: Antalya- Spice

160 x 230
200 x 290

100% Cotton

Marmara Rug

Colour Nutmeg

160 x 240
200x 290

Kas Rug- Stormy Sea

100% Viscose

160 x 240
200 x 290


95% Cotton, 5% Polyester

Available in Graphite (above and below) and Cobblestone

200 x 300 cm


95% Cotton, 5% Polyester

Available in Sapphire

200 x 300 cm


100% Viscose

Available in Port, Mirage, Arctic and Everglade

80 x 350
160 x 230cm
200 x 300 cm

Monarch in Port 



 The Bloom Rug, in Colour Shaded

(above and below)


The Posy Rug, in Colours Blush and Rosewood

160 x 230cm
240 x 330 cm

The Posy Rug, in Rosewood

The Posy Rug, in Blush

Posy- In Autumn


90% Viscose, 10% Polyester


 Colours Blue (above and below),

Rosewood, Desert and Earth

240 x 340 cm

Crystal in Rosewood

Intersect in Rosewood

90% Viscose, 10% Polyester

240 x 340 cm


95% Viscose, 5% Polyester

Available in Colour Cement

200 x 300 cm
 Retails at R 4 500


43% Cotton, 24% Polyester, 33% Acrylic


 Colours Bronze (above and below),

Onyx, Silver and Sapphire.

155 x 230
240 x 340 cm

Also available in runners:

Please see the Runner Page for details

Bargello in Sapphire



Herb (above) and Emerald

155 x 230

Heirlom in Herb


100% Viscose



160 x 230
240 x 340


100% Viscose

Available In Colours Taupe (above and below) and Royal

160 x 230
240 x 340

 Ataturk Rug

100% Viscose

300 x 400
Colour- Atmosphere only

Ataturk- from different angles
Above and Below


100% Viscose

Available: Colour- Opalescent only

200 x 300
300 x 400

100% Viscose

Colour- Sapphire only

200 x 300
300 x 400


Dress floors both indoors and out with the new Parlour to Patio collection of outdoor rugs.

100% polyester, the rugs work in every area of the home
Easy to clean and are durable. 
Four neutral colours.

Sizes: 160 x 230
200 x 300




Pool (blue)


 Inspired by the sparkle and light of outer space,
 the rugs feature a mix of glimmer and matte pile.

 Colours vary from a light silver to a midnight sky grey. 

Made from a mix of 60% polyester and 40% polypropylene.
Available only in size 240 x 340cm.

 Galaxy- Milky Way

 Galaxy- Hubble

 Galaxy- Andromede

 Galaxy- Polaris


Relic Rug
Colour Water colour
200 x 300


Curio Rug
Colour Cement
200 x 300

Pagrun- Silver
240 x 330

Pagrun- Delft
240 x 330

 Pagrun- Silver Fox
240 x 330

Bedouin Rugs 

100% Polypropylene
Colour Feather above (Grey and White)
 Colour Pitch below (Black and White)

160 x 230
240 x 340

 Senegal Rug
240 x 340
100% Viscose
Only Colour- Indigo

Galaxy Rugs
240 x 340
Colour above and below- Hubble

Galaxy Colour Andromeda 

 Galaxy- Colour Milky Way

 Galaxy- Colour Polaris

Galaxy- Colour Starburst

Revival Runner
Colour Azure
80 x 300
80 x 400

Soon to replace the more expensive Weathered range

The Green Range:
Constructed from recycled polystyrene
Durable, artfully worn rugs


Faded Grandeur- Mineral

Faded Grandeur- Flint

Faded Grandeur- Salt

Faded Grandeur- Pepper

In The Open Collection

Easy to clean and UV protected to prevent colour fading. 
Designed for the outdoors/ balconies, but could be used inside.
 Four designs:
Terrace, Portico, Plaza and Esplanade designs
200 x 290
100% Polypropylene

Portico- Bedrock 

Plaza- Cobbles

 Esplande- Shale

 Esplanade- Raven

Esplanade- Gravel

 Dakar Rugs

240 x 330

Composition: 53% Acrylic, 27% Cotton, 20% Polyester

Memento- Silver

 Memento- Anthracite

Memento- Ensign 

Segment- Seagrass
Round Rug


180 cm diameter
240 cm diameter

 Above and Below
Grunge Rug in Silver
Only available in 240 x 330

Nostalgia Rugs (in Citrine above)

Available in:

 160cm x 230cm
200cm x 290cm
 300cm x 400cm 

Email us for our prices:

Opal Above and 2 photos below

Sapphire Above and Below

Nostalgia in Citrine

Nostalgia in Gold

Charcoal Above
Photo does not reflect the true colour

Crystal Rugs- Below
Colours Desert and Earth-
 Sizes 240 x 340

Crystal- Earth

Crystal- Desert

LUXE Range
Available in the colours below


160 x 240
200 x 300
300 x 400

Luxe- Antimony

Luxe- Glow 

Luxe- Silver

Luxe- Shimmer

Brighton Rugs

240 x 330cm

Colours: Bark, Earth, Sahara

Barolo Range
Available in various colours- see below

80 x 300 cm

240 x 330cm

Barolo Delft (Blue)

Barolo- Grey

Grunge- Silver

Vertic- Turquoise

Rustico Rugs
Available in Cobbles: 200 x 300

Cobbles- Jute

Out of Africa Range
Available in:

Seagrass- Pebble

200 x 300cm

300 x 400cm

Swakop- Colours: Earth, Storm Cloud, Straw

190 x 290cm

290 x 390cm

Size: 200 x 290
Retail price is R 17 100

Plantation Rugs
Outdoor Rugs

74% Polypropylene, 26% Polyester

Care instructions:
Clean with pure water

160 x 230
240 x 330

Zores- Tropical 

Zores- Jungle

in Taupe
80 cm x 300cm

80 cm x 400cm

Indoor/ Outdoor Rugs:
Basket Rug- Below
Available in Mineral (darker)  and Silver (Lighter)

200 x 290

280 x 400

Hertex Heirloom Rugs 

100% Chenille Flat Wowen Rugs
Made to look like they have been passed down from previous generations
2.4m x 3.3m

Heirloom Midnight

Heirloom Herb

Heirloom- Herb

Heirloom Emerald 

Heirloom Emerald Above


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