Plush/ Universal Rugs

Hertex Plush/ Universal Rugs

All Hertex Carpets are available on Order
Mail, once you know which rug(s) appeal to you.

If you need some ideas on the rug that will work in your space,
just send me a few photos of the space and I will assist, with love!


Is Included anywhere in SA, at no additional cost

Yeti rugs
160 x 230
240 x 330
Colour Panther above

Yeti in Feather

Yeti in Cotton

Yeti in Ash

Bedrock Rug
200 x 290
Colours: Frost and Ice (Lighter)

Bamboo Silk
250cm diameter
Colour Deep Lake

Galaxy Rug
240 x 340
60% Polyester and 40% heatset Polypropylene
250 000 points/ sqm
Colour Milky Way (photos)

Faded Grandeur Rug
Colour Flint
200 x 300
100% Polyester

Other Faded Grandeur Options
Colour Pepper on top

 Spin Me Round Rug
Colour Moon
250cm diameter
80% Viscose, 20% Cotton

Glow Rug
55 % Handloom Bamboo Silk
45% Polyester
For Glamour and a touch of Shine
240 x 340
Available in Carbon (photos) and
Flint and Olivine

Bamboo Silk Rug
240 x 340
100% Viscose with Cotton Backing
Colour Taupe
Available round -250cm diameter

 Bamboo Silk

Bamboo Silk
250cm diameter
Colour Deep Lake

Deluxe Rug
240 x 330
Short Shaggy Pile
Colours Pumice (photos), Harvest, Lagoon and Gunmetal
Available in round- 200cm diameter

Colour Lagoon
200cm diameter
Colour Harvest
200cm diameter

Plush Rug
60 x 115
80 x 150
160 x 230
200 x 290
100% Polyester Microfibre
Short Shaggy Pile
Colours Gravel (Photos), Antracite, Ensign, Stone, Biscuit and Dijon

 Plush in Greige

 Plush in Dijon

 Plush in Gravel

 Plush in Anthracite

 Plush in Sage

Plush in Ensign

 Byline Rug
Colours:  Mist (lighter) and Charcoal
240 x 340
55% Viscose, 35% Wool, 10% Cotton

Glow Rug
240 x 340
55% Bamboo Silk, 45% Polyester

 Glow Rug in Flint

 Glow Rug in Carbon
Glow Rug in Olivine
 Rover Rug
Colour Rye
240 x 340
100% Polyester

Lustre Rug
240 x 340
Handwoven 100% Viscose Pile
Colours Magnet (Photos) and Moonstruck

Ombre Rug
200 x 290
280 x 380
Polyester Microfibre
Colours Brass (light) and Ombre (dark)

Strapline Rug
240 x 340
Hand Knotted Viscose
Colour Vapour

Hertex Chateau Rugs

Available in 200 x 300
300 x 400 

Available Colours: From top to bottom-
Kale, Diesel, Lago, Ozone, Plaster and Shale

 Sherpa Rugs
Colours Cloud, Froth and Fog. 
160 x 230
 240 x 340

Sherpa in Froth

Sherpa in Cloud

Sherpa in Fog


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