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Appel n Ui Revamps

Below you will find photos of items that have had Appel n Ui TLC
Please Note- Unless these are also on our "Furniture" page,
 these pieces have been sold.

With these examples of work we have completed in the past,
we hope to inspire you and to give you a glimpse 
of what we are able to do for you.

 Imbuia Suite Revamp

Slip cover made for clients' couch
These are never an excact science
But makes a big difference....

 Couch Above, Upholstered for a client
Below is the end-result

Before and After of the same couch
Upholstered in a Bartlett & Dunster Fabric
New legs added

 Dining Chair Revamp

Kiaat Display Unit Revamp

Making Slipcover for the couch above

Going to Revamp the Art Deco Three-Piece suite soon

Mid-Century Couch Above- Before
Below- After

Sleeper Couch
Before and After

Oak Table sanded
Trying to find before photos :-)

 Kiaat Chest of Drawers- revamped

 Morris Chairs upon arrival
Below after Some Appel n Ui TLC

 Ottoman built for a client

Same chairs before and after

 Pedestals and dressing table
Before and After

 Slider door Organiser
Before Revamp
After photos to follow

 Fire Place Surround
Stripped down for a client

Sleeper Couch-Before and After

See you soon!

 Desk Revamp complete

 Chair Revamped for a client
Used a Hertex Cactus- White

Imbuia Dining Table Conversion

Same Chair-before and after

Imbuia Couch before and after

Occassional Table Revamp

Pine Table Revamp

Arm Chair Revamp

Table Revamped for a client

Mid-Century Rocking Chair
Before and After

 Wish we had the before photos,
but we don't....

50'ies Couch Make-Over

 Fire Place Surround
Before and during Revamp

Teak Wardrobe
Before and After

Teak Dressing Table
Before and After

Mid-Century Couch

Dining Chairs given a new lease on life

Chair- Re-upholstered for a client

 Art Deco Suite Revamp

 Chairs- Re-upholstered

 Riempie Couch
Undergoing Appel n Ui Magic
 Desk- given a make-over

 Wingback Rocker- revamped
Upholstered in a Hertex Flynn

 In a Bartlett & Dunster Fabric

 Desk Revamped for Doctor's Rooms

Retro Desk- Before and After

Chair- upholstered in Hertex Drama
Scatters made for client

 Teak Bookcase- before and after

  Sleeper Couch Revamp in Progress

Hard to believe it is the same couch above and below

Hertex Wall Paper adorning a client's bathroom
Arborium- Winter

Dining chairs painted for a client

Same chair- before and after

Reception Chairs before and after

Ottoman Before and After

Wingback Chair
Before and After

Chairs Above- Before
After- Below

Server Before- Above
After- Below

Bathroom Basin Unit- stripped and sealed

 The Same Coffee Table before and After our TLC

A client's server unit has been given a new lease on life

Dressing table transformed to a statement desk

Mid-Century Originals revamped for a client

 Silver Leaf Applied to an old Mirror

Mid-Century Three Seater

Before and After of the same 6 dining chairs

Mid-Century Pedestal Revamp

Blackwood Wardrobe
Before and After- below

Solid Beach Table

Chair- sanded, sealed and re-upholstered

Same Office Chair
Above and Below- sanded, sealed and upholstered in a U & G fabric

Oregon Desk- Sanded and Sealed below 

 Mid-Century Chairs
Before and After

 Hubby Chair- Before and After 

 Art Deco Wardrobe
Before and After

 Imbuia Chest- Before and After

Imbuia Chest of Drawers
Before and After

Same Mid-Century Unit
Before (Above) and After- in Green Below

 Rocker- before and after

Stack Stools- before and after
 Stack Stools
Sanded and Sealed, re-upholstered

 Art Deco Chairs
Before and After

Scandi Chairs
Before and After

Retro Couch- Fully Revamped

 Mid-Century chairs
Revamped for a client.
Sanded, sealed and upholstered in Hertex Fabrics

 Make Over of this headboard 

Our little Table 
making a statement in a client's space

 Hand Carved Mahogany Three seater

 Wardrobe- before painting

Interior before sanding and painting

Same wardrobe after sanding interior

 And the end result below and above

Wardrobe as was - above
In progress

And the final product 

Three door -revamp below

 Mid-Century Dining Table

 Desk above is in Progress

 Chairs above are in Progress
 Before and After- same Chairs

 Posting photos of the after soon

Swivel Bevel Mirror Dressing table
Before and After

 The Couch above
Turned into a Chesterfield Couch- below

Hand Carved Chairs
 Before and After

 Headboard- Revamped

 Above and Below- Undergoing Revamps at present

Stinkwood Chairs
Undergoing Revamp
 Imbuia Server
Above Before and Below- After

Imbuia Dressing Table
Above- Before
Below- After

Wardrobe- Before and After (Below)

Dining Chairs
Before and After 

Mid-Century Suite 
Under-going revamp
Old Varnish sanded off and sealed with a flat mat sealer

Art Deco Dressing Table
Before and After

 Chair upholstered in Hertex Fabric

Client's chair Before and After

Mid-Century Sleeper Couch 

Cupboard Unit 
Re-worked for a client
To be used as a TV unit

Pair of Chairs belonging to a Client
Will soon look completely different

Art Deco Wardrobe - Before and After

Same Unit - Before and After 

The same hand carved Mirror -before and after

Frystarke Desk/ Dressing table
Before and After 

 Queen Anne Leg Recliner
Before and After

Imbuia Chair

 Little Storage unit

Imbuia Arm Chairs

MId-Century Chairs 
Above- Before
Below- After

Oak Chair- revamped

Dressing Table Revamped

Mid-Century Chest of Drawers
Before and After

Mid-Century Lounge Suite

Three Door Imbuia Wardrobe
Two door still available

Headboard before and after

Imbuia Couch before and after our revamp 

Imbuia Chairs above- after our revamp

Mid-Century Chairs
Before and After

 Carved Mahogany Chair
Before and After revamp

Retro Couch Revamped

 Imbuia Kist Revamp

 Lounge Suite Revamp Completed for a client

Bookshelf Revamped for client 

 Headboard made for client

Desk Revamped for client
Before and After- below

Book Case before and after

Ornate Carved Chair
Undergoing revamp
Before and Below- in progress

Retro Chairs- before above
Below- after
Incredible what difference a fabric makes

Client's chair- before and after

Little stool re-upholstered

Pedestal revamp for a client
Before and after

Starck Bros Rocker
Before and After

Old Oak Desk
Before and After- below

Imbuia Dressing table
Before and After

Ash Wood Desks
Before and After

Two Imbuia Arm Chairs
Before and After

American Oak 8 Seater
Before and After

 Imbuia Wardrobe- Given a Make-over

Mid-Century Dressing Table
In process of being revamped 
 Mid-Century Chairs
Before and After

Upholstered Chair 

Server turned into Compactum

Chair- to be converted to more or less the below

Mid-Century Dining Table
Before and After 

 Lovely Table Above.
After some Appel n Ui TLC- Below!

Mid-Century Desk- Revamped

Starck Bros Eight Seater
Revamped for a Client

Wood Organiser- before and afters

Chaise- Before and After

 Old Toilet Seat- before
Being turned into dressing table stool (photo to follow)
Imbuia Display Unit- Before and After

A Starck Bros Classic Rocking Chair
Imbuia Wood
Upholstered in  versatile Linen-look Hertex Flynn Fabric

Rocker and Morris Chair
Revamped for Clients

One of our Kitchen Cabinets
Given a Make-Over
On the instructions of the New Owner

Imbuia Couch- Revamped

Little Two Seater given a make-over 

Headboard- above and after

Art Deco Wardrobe Revamped

Ash Wood Oval Table Revamped

An old Tired Chaise- above
Below- a Master Piece after some Appel n Ui Magic

Same chairs above and below

Mirror Silver Leafed for a client

Same chair above and below

Two Armchairs- before and after- below

Same couch- Above-Before
Below- After

Revamped Retro Office Chair

Deco Bookshelf Unit- Sanded and Sealed
Wall paper backing added

Bench Revamped

Imbuia Wardrobe
Above- Before
Below- After

Shabby Chic Occasional tables
returned to their previous state 

Teak Pedestals
Before and after the varnish and stain was removed

Oak Bookshelf
Before and After the old varnish and stain was removed and backing added

Teak Chair- Sanded, sealed and upholstered below

Above- Before and Below- After

Dolls house- Before and After

Teak desk- before and after

Small Teak desk- before and after

Retro Couch- revamped below

Old original carved chairs- Before and 
after a full revamp.

Chaise- before and after

Slip Cover couch- Before and After

Headboard and Pedestals
Before and after

Retro recliner- Before and After

In Process of Revamping this large Mirror for clients 

Pedestals before and after

Headboard Before and After

Art Deco Couch before and after

Revamped Art Deco Couch 

The incredible difference between Stained and Natural Teak

Table above during the revamp process and below- after

Teak Unit Revamped for a Client
In progress and the end result below

14 Seater Dining Table
Totally overhauled for a client
Above- Before
Below- the end result

A Client's Kiddies Chairs
given a new look

Server Unit
Almost as we found it above 
Below- after some A & U Magic

Dollhouse converted to Spiderman and Ninja Turtle Den

Retro Dressing Table - Above
Turned into a TV unit- Below

Old Teak Chest of drawers given a new lease on life 
and a bit of a lift....

Chairs Revamped for a Client

Old Oak Unit taken Revamped for a client
Above- Before
Below- After

Chaise Revamped for a client

Doll House in process of being revamped

A Happy Little client below :-)

Retro Coffee Table- revamped 

Original 60ies Cot- Revamp almost completed

Heirloom Trunks
Revamped for a client

Art deco Lounge Suite Revamped

Two Imbuia Pedestals- Revamped

Starck Bros Wardrobe- Before and After

Imbuia Bedside Pedestal Revamped

Imbuia Dressing table
Redone in French White

Desk Revamp

Desk Revamped

Table before and after- below

Same chairs
Above and Below

Removing all the old Varnish and Stain 
from an Oak Cupboard

Barstools- Before and After

Trolley- Before and After

Ball and Claw Leg Chair- Re-upholstered

Phillip Terraghni Chair
Re-upholstered for a client

Wingback Couch and Chair- Re-upholstered for a Client

Late 50ies Chair
Re-upholstered for a client

Armchairs- revamped
Before and After- Below

Revamped Retro Coffee Table

Revamped Dining Chairs
After- above
Below- Before

Imbuia Dressing table revamped for a client
Before and After

Welsh Dresser above, turned into a server

Two Little Retro Desks
Revamped for 2 client

Ornate Headboards
Revamped for a Client

Retro Dressing table give a make-over

Client's Oak Cabinet Given a Make-Over

Imbuia Chairs- Before and After

Imbuia Dining chairs- Before- Above
Below- After

Couches upholstered for a client
Before- Above
After- Below

Ottoman, before and after

Retro Server unit
Before and After

Sixties Dressing Table Revamped

Headboard Before- Above
After- Below

Wingback Before- Above
Below- After

Imbuia Dining Table Getting a Make-Over

A three seater couch- above- before
Below- revamped for a client

Imbuia couch as we found it- above and 
After- below

Little Desk After- above
Below- before

Headboard and Bedside Pedestals revamped for a client

Before- Above
Below- After

Before- Above
Below- After

Before- Above
Below- After

Before- Above
Below- After

Imbuia Server Before- above

Imbuia Dining table- above- Before

During Ravamp and
After- below

Chest of Drawers- Before- Above
Below- After

Imbuia Lead Glass Display Unit
Above- before
Below- After

Drressing table and stool above- before
Below- after

Little Imbuia Display Unit
Before- above
Below- after

Pedestals above- before
Below- after

Teak Dining Table- Before and After (below)

Metal Unit sprayed High Gloss Grey

Retro Chairs above and Below-

Rocker Before and Below- Upholstered

Imbuia Table Before and After (Below)

Imbuia Chest of Drawers

Bedside Pedestals- Before and After Below

Deco Dressing Table- Before and After- Below

Retro Chair- Before (Above)
After- Below

Barley Twist lamp- Before- after soon to follow

 Corner table in progress
And Completed below

This is Inbuia in It Natural Form
No Varnish.

The Same Unit-
After and Before
Above and Below

Imbuia Dressing Table

Same Unit
Before - Above
After- Below

Same Unit Before- Above
After- Below

Above- Imbuia Ball and Claw Display Unit BEFORE
and Below- AFTER- sprayed in high gloss black 

We have no before Photos to show you- silly us!
This headboard came straight out of the 80ies- picture PEACH everything.
We re-upholstered and painted the gorgeous ornate detail.
This is the result.

See above

This gorgeous desk had just too many different colour wood finishes.
Below is the same desk after a bit of Appel n Ui Magic...

Lovely Imbuia Bedside Pedestals after a make over
Above and Below
Chairs as we found them
and Below- after our Appel n Ui MAGIC
Only 3 more chairs left- all different, but gorgeous

Above and Below- a Table Revamped
To enhance the gorgeous Natural Wood and Leg Detail
Hard to believe it is the same table.

How we found our Large Server- Below
Above and Below
The same Server Unit- still in Process
We will soon stock a variety of Embellishments to add even more
Gorgeous Detail to any Piece

And the END Result is....a high Gloss Black Server
Retro Coffee table- before some desperately needed

And almost done- Legs Sanded and sealed and top painted High Gloss white
Hand painted, not sprayed.

Two of these lovely Solid Burmese Teak Chests of Drawers
We are having new drawers made and will soon
showcase these lovely units

Retro Drinks Unit/ Server
Above- before Appel n Ui Magic and 
Below- in progress

And the End Result

A similar Unit- different finish

These were very ordinary orange stained Pine Chests of Drawers
With the round knob handles
Above- in make over process
Below- after
Incredible what a little imagination, some paint
AND new handles can do....

Two Pedestals given a make over and new handles

Revamp of this Large Imbuia Wardrobe in Progress
Watch this space of the End Result

Above our Seventies Iron and Wood Desk- almost complete
Handles to be added

Below- as we found it...

Wardrobe soon to receive make- over

Desk- restored and wheels added 

The Metal Chest of Drawers above and below will soon look very different
Watch this space....

Large Imbuia Coffee Table
All varnish removed and top sealed to show off it's true glorious nature
Legs and surround hand painted
Below- before its make over

See above

We wish we had a photo of this lovely little pedestal as we found it
It was too ugly to even photograph,
BUT our client trusted our advice and this is the end result.
Above before mirror detail and below- with mirror added.
We love it!

Once we had done a bit of work
Added gorgeous new flower detail
Before we could complete it- sold it
To be sprayed High gloss Black- all details to be removed- again...

Imbuia Server Unit- sprayed High Gloss White
For a client

 Solid Oak Desk
Sanded, painted and sealed
See above
Jonkmanskas- revamped
Bevel Mirrors added
Upholstery done for a client
Chairs were not ours....
we wish!!

Solid Imbuia Chairs
Painted crisp white

Stinkwood Chairs
Sanded, sealed, upholstered

See above

Imbuia and cane chair
Painted white
Upholstered with Nguni

A Bedside pedestal and Chest of 3 drawers
Restored and Painted for a Client


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